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Compete, Save, and Win with the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge!

WEBINAR: Compete, Save, and Win with the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge
Wednesday, December 20, 2017
1:00 pm to 2:15 pm
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Attention: Municipalities, local governments, community/economic development corporations and municipal authorities

Are you seeking ways to save taxpayer dollars, attract investment, and cultivate a vibrant community?  The Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge can help.

Join Autumn Secrest and Jim Price of Sustainable Pittsburgh for this SCDN Webinar, hosted by Local Government Academy, to learn about the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge.  This free and friendly competition offers organizations of all types the ability to track sustainability actions—and receive positive recognition for achievements.

During the webinar, Autumn will walk through key points of the competition, share what’s new, and discuss how you can use the Challenge to demonstrate results to boards, residents, and the business community.  She will explain how you can immediately (during the webinar!) begin collecting points in the competition.  Municipalities certified in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program are immediately eligible for up to 65 points!

Since 2011, organizations participating in the competition (previously known as the Green Workplace Challenge) saved $10 million in energy, translating to taking 11,829 average U.S. homes off the grid for a year.  Similarly, these same organizations reduced water usage by 100 million gallons, demonstrating significant costs savings as well.  (One hundred million gallons is enough water to fill the playing surface of Heinz Field 230 feet deep!)

Whether an organization is new to sustainability or more advanced in its practices, the SP Challenge offers a range of resources and options.  Commit to making your community a better place to live, work, and play.   Learn how the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge can help by signing up for this webinar today!