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Sustainable Pittsburgh

307 Fourth Avenue, Suite 1500
Pittsburgh, PA

  • View those earning recognition in Sustainable Pittsburgh’s formal sustainability performance programs.

  • Large energy consumers now have a partner to help them reach their renewable energy goals.

  • SP'S VISION: Through the policy and practice of sustainable development, SWPA has a strong economy in which all people can live to their potential, are engaged, and prosper within the means of a clean and healthy environment.

  • The SP Challenge is a friendly, 13-month competition for organizations to advance their sustainability goals. More than 100 businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, universities, & K-12 schools competed this year.


We Simplify Sustainable Practices for...

We Facilitate
Long-Term Change

Sustainable Pittsburgh is in it for the long haul. We are thoughtful and strategic in our approach to accelerating the policy and practice of sustainability in southwestern Pennsylvania. We’re a small organization, so we have to be smart in our approach.


Sustainabilty is So Much Bigger than Our Organization


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