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Sustainable Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh, PA

There now are over 105 designated Sustainable Shops!

Sustainable Pittsburgh is proud to announce that there are now 105 sustainable shops in over 40 Southwestern Pennsylvanian municipalities! These small businesses have taken our Sustainability Shop assessment and based on the results, have received a platinum, gold, silver, or bronze rating. The Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop designation criteria were created through a national bench marking process of best practices in consultation with small retail businesses and community development experts from Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Small retailers are crucial contributors to local economy by bringing growth and innovation to the community. Sustainable Pittsburgh believes in the important role sustainable local businesses have in creating thriving and vibrant communities.

  • Identifies cost saving opportunities
  • Gains free advertising
  • Attracts new customers
  • Builds a vibrant community
  • Improves environmental quality
  • Generates positive public recognition

Are you a business owner who cares about sustainability? Getting involved is easy! Simply complete the online Sustainable Shop assessment and we will get back to you with your results and walk with you as you continue down the path to progress.

Is your business a restaurant or food service establishment that has a commercial kitchen where you prepare and cook the food you serve? Please follow this link to apply for designation as a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant: