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Sustainable Community Development Network

Are you a(n):

  • Municipal Manager/Secretary?
  • Sustainability Coordinator/Officer for a community?
  • Elected/Appointed Official?
  • Engaged Community Member or Leader?

Sustainable Pittsburgh can help you learn more about what it means to be sustainable, communicate the business case for sustainability, set and advance sustainability goals, and network with fellow sustainability and community professionals.

All of our work related to communities falls within the scope of our Sustainable Community Development Network. Through SCDN, we work to:


Bring experienced sustainable development practitioners together with other leaders looking to increase their understanding and capacity for sustainable development practices; create a database of case studies that highlights existing best practices; continue hosting Sustainable Development Academy seminars;


Promote and support policies to accelerate sustainable solutions by joining hands across the region;


More than simply a sounding board for ideas, the SCDN walks the sustainable walk by initiating and completing concrete projects.

Quick Resources

Through the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification program, we offer a library of sustainable municipal policies and practices for communities to see  examples of how other municipalities are incorporating sustainability.  As part of the development of this program, we also produced a series of resource sheets covering sustainable community essentials including air quality, diversity, housing choice, local food, and many others.

Sustainable Pittsburgh shares funding opportunities, provides technical assistance and helps demonstrate the sustainability business case for municipal leaders.  Stay up to date on sustainable community development resources and relevant news by signing up for the monthly SCDN eNewsletter.   For a weekly insight in sustainability news and trends overall, subscribe to Sustainable Pittsburgh Insider!