Event Overview

The world consumed record high levels of virgin materials in 2021, even as reuse and recycling rates remain stagnant. In addition to polluting our air, soil, and waterways, the throwaway economy deepens social inequity through low wages and environmental costs borne mostly by marginalized communities. The opportunity goes far beyond reuse, repair, and recycling. By transitioning to a circular economy, manufacturers and communities can build upstream, regenerative solutions that engage the human-powered efforts that often already exist and bring new innovations to scale. 

Join us as presenters describe how they are creating circular economies that provide dignified work, turn waste into feedstocks, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, bolster the supply chain, stimulate innovation, and benefit the bottom line. Learn about circular economy opportunities and practical considerations. 



Who Should Attend

  • Managers and practitioners at organizations of all types and sizes — whether businesses, nonprofits, institutions, or higher education 
  • Municipal managers, elected officials, and administrative staff
  • Anyone with an interest in advancing sustainability / environmental, social, and governance progress at their organization or in their community

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