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Great Things Are Happening in the Borough of Monaca!

Monaca Borough and Mario Leone, Borough Manager, are capturing the sunshine and radiating in Beaver County!  A newly installed solar array including two hundred solar panels at Monaca’s reservoir will offset approximately 42 percent of the municipality’s energy consumption.  And the installation is designed to have an impact that goes beyond saving money. Borough officials, residents and teachers at Central Valley School District will have access to the data produced by the large photovoltaic solar arrays for use in educating the community and students alike.  Hats off to Monaca’s innovations in energy and community and School District engagement to raise awareness to the bottom line wins of sustainable development.

Monaca Borough is also completing construction of an innovative new comfort station/pavilion featuring a vegetated roof at Antoline Park.  The green roof will be home to living plants that will provide a pleasing aesthetic as well remove stormwater from the borough’s combined sewer system.  The plants will also help keep the building cool in the summer and remove harmful airborne pollutants from the air.  Under the leadership of Mario Leone, Monaca continues to be a pacesetter.

(photo courtesy of the Beaver County Times)