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Straight Talk: A Welcome Front Line of Defense – PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro

Across the nation, state attorney generals are escalating their focus on environment and social issues as regulatory protections come under assault.

Yesterday nearly two-dozen leaders of Pittsburgh environmental organizations, including Sustainable Pittsburgh, met with PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

AG Shapiro demonstrated a command of the issues affecting our region.  Appreciated is his pronouncement that Pennsylvanians’ constitutional right to clean air, pure water, and the preservation of our natural resources is one of his top priorities.  Josh noted his commitment to protecting those rights through the prosecution of criminal actions and the pursuit of civil cases toward ensuring that future generations have access to the same resources we have today.

The Pittsburgh region is fortunate to have a strong environmental and sustainable development advocacy community at the ready to collaborate with citizens, all sectors, and the public officials charged with upholding our social, economic, and environmental values — especially in these times of ill-informed backlash against basic protections.  In this way, our attorney general is a front line of defense in taking up the fight for our rights.