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Straight Talk: All Sustainability is Local

In a resource-constrained world, consumerism is the elephant in the room.  The good news is that when we do make purchases, the choices in where we shop and what we purchase can have a sustainable impact.  To make it easy, your Sustainable Pittsburgh has created sustainability performance programs to recognize businesses that are intentionally minding their stores when it comes to economic, environmental and social responsibility.

For example, the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program recognizes more than 90 establishments as earners of a “Plate” level of sustainable designation. Each Plate level achieved (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) demonstrates a restaurant’s increasing adoption of sustainability practices, which could include sourcing locally, reducing food waste, supporting employees’ health and wellness, and playing a positive role in the community.  Find a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant in your neighborhood.

Addressing the many other kinds of places where we can vote our values with our wallets, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Sustainable Small Business Designation recognizes the 100+ small businesses demonstrating that when people and communities flourish, their businesses are more likely to do the same. From boutique stores to salons, hobby shops to florists, antiques to photography, these designated sustainable small businesses take actions that are simultaneously good for their bottom lines, the environment, and the social fabric of their communities.

Shopping at establishments that have earned sustainable designation from Sustainable Pittsburgh shows your support for sustainability and boosts the local economy.  The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies reports that for every $100 spent at a local business, approximately $67 stays in the community.  Compare that to shopping at a big box store, where $32 out of every $100 spent stays in the community.

As an extra incentive to visit these Sustainable Small Businesses, Sustainable Pittsburgh is running a Shop Sustainable Small Business campaign.  Now through July 15, consider shopping at one or more of the 100 participating small businesses and be eligible to win prizes.  Details are available at

Become the sustainability change agent you want all to be.  Use the power of your purse to signal that sustainability is local.