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Straight Talk: Earth to Oval Office

The White House has many environmental programs on the chopping block that are directly supportive of public health, energy efficiency, environmental justice, and good business.  Eliminate Energy Star.  Rescind the Clean Power Plan.  Intended crippling budget cuts to EPADenial of carbon dioxide as chief contributor to climate change.  The list is long and alarming.  Impacts will be felt close to home as dollars dry up for state grants for clean air and water programs and our state DEP further slides in its capacity to cope and protect the public.  Not good.  Yet spurred by these dire developments, supporters of a clean, healthy environment are being moved to activism.  Business voices are rising too about the proven business case for stewardship of the environment and customers.  And all the while, cities and towns are stepping up further in their role as the first line of responsibility in addressing needs of residents, local ecology, and a business climate that fosters a clean economy.  For example, the just released OnePGH: Pittsburgh’s Resilience Strategy sets the course for long-term sustainability based on working collaboratively with all partners.  Just the same, federal assistance and support remains critical.  Now is the time for all concerned to find constructive ways to make the case for progress, not backsliding.