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Straight Talk: For the 1st Time, Two Dozen Nonprofit CEOs Take a Stand Together for the Environment

Photo Credit: Rebecca Lessner

Southwestern Pennsylvania benefits from a formidable environmental community.  Its voice rose this morning as 24 of the region’s nonprofit environmental leaders stood together to proclaim the critical urgency of Earth Day 2017.

During a press conference this morning, in which Sustainable Pittsburgh was represented, the CEOs urged residents and organizations to forestall any backsliding on environmental progress.  We called for a collective commitment to the region’s bright future based on equitable development that is restorative of our people, our natural environment, and our communities. Read the full press release.

The rhetoric of the so-called war on coal has shifted to an assault on sustainability.  Indeed, as we mark this 47th Earth Day, the stakes are very high.  America’s prosperity and the health of its people go hand in hand, and rely on the rapid uptake of sustainable development.  History will look back at this moment and level immense judgement regarding America’s role as a leader (or not).  As illustrated this morning, the Pittsburgh region is recognized for being one of transformation and innovation.  Now is the time for all to speak up for what they hold dear.

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Photo Credit, Individual CEOs: Julie Kooser