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Straight Talk: Growing Renewable Energy

The green energy revolution is here.  International and domestic trends show its rapid growth, illustrating a solid business case for renewable energy.  The market is moving in the direction of large energy consumers purchasing renewables and the potential for our region is profound.  Sustainable Pittsburgh’s P32 Energy Flow Chart as well as its SWPA Sustainability Goals & Indicators Report showed the amount of renewable energy as portion of the whole is essentially a rounding error at under 2%.

To accelerate the uptake of large scale renewable energy production and its consumption for our region, a promising new initiative is unfolding.  Renewable Energy for the Power of 32 (RE4P32), presented by Sustainable Pittsburgh, CEOs for Sustainability, and the Power of 32, will work with large energy consumers (per the expertise of CustomerFirst Renewables) to aggregate renewable energy purchases and thus grow large scale renewable energy generation.

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