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Straight Talk: New Name to Honor Your Sustainability Creds

After four years of eye-popping impacts chalked up by the more than 250 businesses and organizations competing in the Green Workplace Challenge, Sustainable Pittsburgh changed the name of the competition to better honor your good work and the essence of the program.  We welcome you to the improved, newly named Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge!

The many actions eligible for earning points in this competition go well beyond the realm of “green”.  The social equity and workplace diversity actions embraced by competing organizations rival in number those related to waste and recycling, for example.  Of course, the multitude of green actions remains available to participants.  The Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge encourages participants to take their efforts further, with the inclusion of a full spectrum of sustainable business practices.  We have also removed the term, “workplace” from the name of the program in recognition of the broad reach many participating organizations have beyond their immediate workplace.  For example, municipalities and nonprofit organizations often impact both the workplace and their community through policy and action.

All organizations of all sizes are urged to participate: businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, K-12 schools, colleges and universities. With no fee to sign up, being part of the Challenge sets your organization on the path to savings, engaged employees, positive impacts, recognition, and fun.  All organizations that sign up by November 30 will be awarded 50 bonus points when the competition begins on January 1.  Learn more and register your organization here:  It’s time to Compete, Save, and Win!