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Straight Talk: Pa.’s Act 129 has been an energy efficiency success story

Energy efficiency is a simple yet powerful tool to reduce harmful pollution, create jobs and save consumers money on utility bills. Indeed, a recent independent analysis of Act 129, Pennsylvania’s highly effective energy efficiency law, finds that its programs are successful on multiple levels and delivering benefits across the state.

Through Act 129, Pennsylvania’s largest electric utilities help customers conserve energy and make the most of the energy they do use. These measures include efficient heating and cooling systems, lighting retrofits and many other techniques. The state Public Utility Commission report on the past three years of Act 129 (“Phase II”) found that more than 3 million megawatt-hours of electricity were saved, which is equivalent to the electricity used by 330,000 homes of average size in the commonwealth each year. This energy saved also equates to the avoidance of nearly 2.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which negatively impact our environment and our health.

With $6.4 billion in benefits for all electric consumers to date and continued job growth in Pennsylvania’s energy industry rounding out the report’s highlights, the success of Act 129 is clear. Energy efficiency and conservation programs are good for our health, environment and economy.