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Supporting Our Community During COVID-19

Sustainable Pittsburgh is dedicated to policies and practices that support healthier residents and a thriving region—for the long term. So what does that mean in the face of a pandemic? The risk of exposure to COVID-19 is something on which we can all work together to mitigate. As our region engages in crisis preparation, we can each do our part – both in our operations and personal decisions.

At Sustainable Pittsburgh, we are monitoring updates from the CDC and local and state officials. We have transitioned temporarily to virtual operations; employees are working from home and we are doubling-down on best practices for hygiene. It is critical that we take all necessary steps to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and reduce the stress on the healthcare system, while considering those who are most vulnerable: seniors, those with chronic respiratory illness and who are immunocompromised, as well as those who are affected indirectly, like students who rely on school being in session to have food to eat. 

In addition to the disruptive effects on everyday life, the COVID-19 pandemic is also casting a stark spotlight on the inequities of American workers and their families when it comes to healthcare, job security, and ability to pay bills. From lack of paid sick time to limited transportation options for those that must commute, the current workforce has much to potentially lose. Local business and restaurant owners are also affected by the necessary closures and slowdowns. 

Taking action to ensure the health of our team and those with whom we come in contact is our utmost priority, and fostering a more sustainable community means being a good neighbor. What are some things you can do, in addition to limiting contact with others and washing your hands? Donate to your local food bank. Support local service workers through the Pittsburgh Virtual Tip Jar, a new project from Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Ethics and Policy. Purchase gift cards or order takeout from local shops and restaurants. 

In the meantime, Sustainable Pittsburgh is still maintaining regular office hours while our staff works remotely. Feel free to contact us at (412) 258-6642 or

For an updating list of resources, please visit this link.