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Sustainable Pittsburgh – Strategies for Progress

As a small nonprofit with a big mission, we can’t afford to do little things.  Our privilege in moving the needle on our region’s sustainable development brings great responsibility and an obligation to be strategic about our work.

For this, Sustainable Pittsburgh routinely reviews its strategies for their smarts and impact in leveraging positive change.

A look under the hood brings appreciation of this approach.  Our deliberate strategies include:

  • Demonstrating the business case for the positive economics of sustainability through benchmarking and measurement, evidence-based case studies, and highlighting international trends.
  • Increasing awareness of the fast and powerful force of the market and investors that are turning rapidly to favor enterprise that is high achieving in ESG (environment, social, governance) performance measures.
  • Administering six formal sustainability performance programs to demystify necessary best practices, raise the bar, and recognize achievements.
  • Facilitate networks for professional development and exercise of leadership among sectors, hastening implementation of sustainable business practices.
  • Education for thought and policy leaders and advocacy on pivotal issues and regional systems.
  • Deployment of technical assistance between and among business, government, and nonprofits.
  • Behind-the-scenes organizing and facilitation for progress.
  • Educating consumers toward galvanizing their power of the purse by rewarding sustainability high performers.
  • Educating, convening, and reporting on trends, tools, new voices, and opportunities while connecting the dots of sustainability’s integrated view of cause and effects.


For insight into Sustainable Pittsburgh’s specific accomplishments in step with these strategies, please review our 2017 Accomplishments.  Take a look at SP’s brochure too, which presents an easy overview of our work.

Please add your weight to advancing sustainability in our region by becoming a member or renewing your membership today.  Together we hasten the uptake of sustainability strategies for doing well by doing right.