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WEBINAR: Taking Back the Streets to Promote Health and Public Safety

Thursday, October 26
1:00 pm – 2:15 pm
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“Complete Streets” is the simple idea that streets and sidewalks should be accessible to all residents, regardless of their age or how they get around. Eric Boerer, the Advocacy Director of BikePGH, will discuss how communities benefit when they pass Complete Streets policies, ingraining this concept into the day to day operations and policy of a municipality. The session will give a brief overview of Complete Streets, what it means to adopt a policy, and Eric’s experiences working with the City of Pittsburgh on the adoption of their Policy, one of the highly ranked policies in the nation.  Join Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Sustainable Community Development Network, Local Government Academy and BikePGH in exploring how a transportation policy designed for all users can improve the health, public safety and economic viability of your community.